INOTIFY on SUSE 10.0 Linux

Updated on 18 Nov 2005
I have played with inotify based on article

Starting from kernel 2.6.13, inotify is part of the kernel.
/dev/inotify IS NOT AVAILABLE anymore - instead of it, there are system calls


I have modified Eli Dow's source code to use the new interface because the old one does not work anymore. On my system (SUSE 10.0), there was

but "inotify-syscalls.h" was missing. I assume that it's a problem with consisentcy of packages. If anybody knows, which package includes inotify-syscalls.h
please let me know! ( My contact: hladky dot jiri at seznam dot cz ). So I have downloaded a Beagle source code and there was "inotify-syscalls.h" :-).

You can download a compiled binary (Pentium III, compiled under SUSE 10.0) here.
bzip2 -d inotify_test.bz2
chmod a+x inotify_test
./inotify_test /tmp

Source code can be downloaded here (See the README file first!).

Run it like this:
./inotify_test /tmp

Now create/delete/modify some file in /tmp and watch  the output of the program.
Requirements: kernel 2.6.13 or newer with inotify enabled.

I hope that it will be usefull for anybody who would like to explore inotify capapibility of the kernel.

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